Sarah Michelle

Gag Talk with Bianca

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Posted: 01/22/2017
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Category: Gags
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Lesbian , Mouth , Self Bondage

Today I brought Bianca Baker to play with gags with me! This will be especially fun. We put on our gags, with a little help from each other, and talk to you. I begin drooling instantly and Bianca loves to play with it. We show you how tight the gags are on our mouths and tell you in muffled words that we like it that way. Bianca is pretty, isn't she? I really would like to gag kiss her! Turns out she's into that too! Yay! After gag kissing for awhile I get a great idea- I'm going to put us in a endless gag kiss by wrapping cloth around us tight so we can't move out of position. *giggles* Don't you wanna see?!

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