Sherry Stunns

F****d Orgasm Sorceress Morgana & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 02/18/2019
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Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
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Damsel in Distress , Lesbian Domination , Humiliation , Forced Orgasms , Female Domination

Sherry Stunns knocks out her roommate Sorceress Morgana and cuffs her wrists overhead while she lays limp on the sofa. She awakens to Sherry sitting on her lap, but is put to s***p again. Her ankles are cuffed as Sherry plans her revenge.

A feather tickles her belly and Morgana squirms with goose bumps. Morgana admits to being slutty, but doesn't like the flogger. Another nap and she awakens to a vibrator between her legs. She moans loudly and goes limp again.

The hitachi instantly wakens her with laughter as it tickles her tits and goes down her clit. Sherry has her admit to being a cum whore as she orgasms hard. Morgana promises not to wear slutty clothes unless she wants to have a swollen pussy.


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