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Foot Loving Revenge FULL - Arielle Lane, Kobe Lee & Monica Jade

Price: $19.99
Clip length: 00:25:08
Posted: 02/09/2019
File size: 955.7 MB
Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Sleeping - Knockouts , Foot Worship , Toes , Footjobs , Lesbian

Arielle Lane And Kobe Lee are spending the night at Monica Jade's house and have fallen asleep in her room. Monica uses this opportunity to sneak in and abuse their feet with heavy licking, sucking and biting. How can she resist Kobe's size 5 and Arielle's size 9 feet?

Once she gets them nice and wet, she uses their toes and soles on and in her pussy. She makes sure that she gives full attention to the heel all the way to their cute little toes.

When Kobe and Arielle rustle in their s***p, Monica back up so they don't wake up. Once they are settled, she continues worshipping their feet by rubbing them against her clit till she reaches a powerful orgasm!

Kobe and Arielle awaken with wet, sticky feet and figure out that Monica is the culprit. They sneak to the living room and see her sleeping. Time for payback!

They massage her little feet and take turns giving the full treatment. Lots of smelling, sucking, kissing, biting, and licking the soles, toes and heels. They want it nice and lubed before they have the real fun.

Arielle and Kobe take turns putting Monica's feet all over their wet pussies. It feels so good to have her toes inside them and they have an amazing footjob with this limp girl's feet. They are getting revenge, but the orgasms are so good, that they would do it for fun!

Kobe has an idea to really put Monica in her place. She grabs her phone and Arielle starts posing in incriminating positions. She puts Monica's feet on her breasts while biting her toes. The big toe rubs against her clit and then inside her pussy. Even though this is supposed to be revenge, it sure does turn them on to be so close to her sexy feet. Kobe is eager to get some pictures while she attacks Monica's feet.

After the camera is put away, they cannot resist kissing and grinding on her feet before heading back to bed. They have to leave their scent behind for when Monica wakes up.

When Monica awakens and realizes that her friends have had their way with her feet and she is not happy about it. The other girls hear her wails and make fun of her from the bedroom.

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