Janey Jones

Foot Fatale - Executrix Pantyhose Feet Domination

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Posted: 04/17/2017
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Category: Executrix
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Toes , Dangling , Pantyhose/Stockings , Foot/Shoe Fetish

You are insane with desire to serve my beautiful feet, so I put your devotion to the ultimate test by making you commit the most heinous crime before my eyes. First I build you up with promises that you will have exclusive access to suckling on my toes if I choose to make you my foot slave. I tease you, dangling my high heels and crossing my legs, showing off my toe rings and ankle bracelet under my pantyhose, caressing the tips of my perfectly painted red toenails with my perfectly painted red fingernails. Once you are committed to me you will get to smell my soles and touch my toes, but not until you prove your devotion to me. I drop my shoe and slowly slide the stocking off my foot to show you my gorgeous pink soles in full color, spreading my toes into full bloom. I smell and huff my nylon footie to intoxication, making my toes wiggle and my soles wrinkle. Perhaps this little nylon sock will one day be yours to enjoy! When I've teased you to no end, I tell you what you must do to prove yourself as a worthy servant. You abide, and ravenously carry out my demands while I finger my pinkie toe and howl in orgasmic laughter, pleasuring my body as you prove yourself to me.