Devi Rose

Finslave Task: ATM Training Beginner Level

Price: $27.00
Clip length: 00:12:44
Posted: 04/14/2019
File size: 930 MB
Category: Financial Domination
Secondary categories:
Dehumanization , Sub Training , Brat Girls , Human Furniture , Fantasy

The first of a fun little Finslave series I have planned out for those wishing to dive in a little deeper and further dedicate themselves to both Me and the kink.  Tributing here and there has been fun, but lately, I've been sitting on your mind *really* hard.  You don't just think about sending, you feel it in your cock when it's been too long since your last tribute.  Try as you might to resist your finslave nature, that's exactly what you are.  A Finslave.  But more than that you have a desire to be used as a material item, to be treated like nothing more than a machine that dispenses cash.  An ATM.  More importantly? *MY* ATM!  you are a machine, a machine with a heartbeat.  you sit and wait for me to come and take my next batch of cash like a good ATM, you have nowhere to go, you have nothing to do but provide me with the funds to have the time of my life.  What a good little finslave, what a good little human ATM.