Torvea Films

F****y Trigger - Angel Lee & Paige Turner

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:14:24
Posted: 02/11/2019
File size: 547.33 MB
Category: Female Training
Secondary categories:
Age Regression , Mindfuck , Transformation , Magic , Humiliation

Angel Lee and Paige Erin Turner have spent the day at a neurolinguistic programming show and are disappointed that they wasted their time. They are not aware that they were triggered with certain words during the program and still under the spell.

As they chat, Paige mentions that Angel is being immature and all hell breaks loose as Angel regresses. She thinks that Paige is her m****r and uses a word that transforms her friend into her m****r.

The more they converse, the more trigger words are used and they snap in and out of their t****e but not always at the same time. This bizarre interaction leaves them very confused as they cannot figure out what is happening!

OTHER KEYWORDS- Magic control, erotic magic, transformation fetish, transformation fantasy, woman following orders, mind fuck, age play, Paige Turner, littles, little fetish,  h***o-robot, h***o-robo, role play,  dark hair