Feet My Fetish

Fail to clean my floor properly and you'll be cleaning it from my feet!

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Posted: 01/20/2017
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Category: Foot Domination
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Foot Humiliation , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Femdom POV

Oh my goodness! Look at this mess in this house! Why oh why have you just been sitting there not cleaning up like I told you to? Don't you know that I like to walk around the house barefeet? Now look at my feet! They're all dirty, and full of fluff! It's just not good enough you hear me!

I'm actually sick and tired of telling you to clean up this floor properly. From now on every time you don't clean up the floor properly I'm going to make you clean my feet up with your tongue!

Yes you heard me! Every time that floor is dirty these feet go straight into your mouth! And you have to either get very good at cleaning the filth off my feet or off the floor! It's your choice...

...hang on... Why are you grinning? You like this don't you? Oh my! You dirty foot freak! Well I'm going to gag you on these dirty feet! That'll teach you!