Annabel Fatale

Eyes Of Affliction - pt2 The Submissives Toolbox

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Clip length: 00:29:12
Posted: 03/26/2016
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Category: Hypno-Robo
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Welcome to pt 2 of the Submissives Toolbox - Eyes Of Affliction

This highly hypnotic file will allow my intoxicating eyes to become the trigger to every submissive desire you've ever dreamed of, and, it will push you to live out those deviant fantasies that dwell in the darkest recesses of your mind. Using genuine t****e and hypn-otic techniques this is a journey into the very core of what makes you submissive, and, will create a lasting, intoxicating need for submission. The relationship between my eyes and your submissive nature will never be the same again. Contains both video and audio. 

(Please note, this file is genuine and will make you both drowsy and place you into a t****e, please do not listen whilst driving, or prior to driving/operating machinery)


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