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Evil Babysitter - Dakota Charms

Price: $15.99
Clip length: 00:17:28
Posted: 02/09/2019
File size: 660.24 MB
Category: Giantess
Secondary categories:
Shrinking , Dolls , Financial Domination , Smother , Female Domination

Dakota Charms is annoyed when you question her performance as your nanny. When you refuse to pay her, she becomes angry and uses an ap on her phone to shrink you. As you try to run away, she taunts and picks you up with her giant hands. Your squeaky voice is almost cute as she ponders your fate. Perhaps she should demonstrate what babysitting really means!

Your frail body goes under her curvy ass and she makes sure that you get in between the crack. As she grinds her butt up and down, your little legs stick out, but you can't get leverage against her massive size.

Time to talk about increasing her pay. Each time she stands up, you offer more money, but she enjoys seeing you suffer.

It looks like you shrunk even more as her weight compressed you to the size of her thumbnail. When your wife sees your tiny dick, she will be disgusted. At this tiny size, she can't even feel you!

After a fun day of running and playing, Dakota's ass is hot and sweaty. All of the bouncing up and down makes you smaller than her pinkie nail. For some reason, you refuse to pay and she threatens to keep you this size.

If you don't transform to a normal height, your wife will think that you left her. That would be awful unless you pay triple rates. It seems like a fair deal.

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