Humiliation by Rene

Eat a Huge Load

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Posted: 02/16/2015
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Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation , Cock Tease , Brat Girls , Forced Orgasms

Hi, you naughty little cum eater! I know how much you love licking up your own cum and eating it like a greedy little p1glet! I'm going to be so nice to you and I'm gonna let you eat your cum today. But, I want to make it worth our while. I want to get you so turned on that your balls get big and swollen and FULL of CUM! I want an endless stream of jizz coming out of that cock so that you have to eat a HUGE load for me today. Now jerk it, slave! And listen to my commands.

[Includes cei, femdom pov, humiliation, cock tease, masturbation instructions, JOI, f****d masturbation, orgasm control. Shot in HD.]