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Drink, Pay, Stroke, and Swallow, Loser! CEI

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:10:26
Posted: 04/03/2015
File size: 462.64 MB
Category: Forced Intox
Secondary categories:
Foot Worship , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Financial Domination , Cum Eating Instruction , Ass Worship

I can't wait to get you so fucked up my little pet! You will be doing shots and chasing them with beer. I look absolutely amazing in my hot red dress and gorgeous designer heels. I will make you get on your fucking knees and worship my gorgeous feet and perfect ass. You are going to be so d***k, horny, and stupid, and then I am going to abuse your wallet big time! You might even want to pause this video while you are watching to drink more and more so you get really wasted.  Once you are tipsy I can take full advantage of you and your wallet. I might even allow you to cum if you are a good boy. :) This might be my hottest video yet!