Sarah Michelle

Donuts are my Weakness

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Posted: 01/25/2017
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Fetish , Belly

Leila Hazlett and I return from a long walk.I'm really hungry from all that exercise but I'm trying to lose weight and am on a strict diet. I show Leila my stomach so she can see why I need to lose weight. Leila disagrees, saying I'm really skinny and need to gain weight. She shows me that she has 2 chocolate frosted donuts and tempts me to eat them. After trying not to give into temptation, I take one of the donuts from her. The smell entices me. Mmmm! I lick the frosting a little for a quick taste before I take a big bite. I moan in ecstasy as the sugary sweetness hits my tongue. There are close ups of me chewing. After I'm done, Leila tempts me to eat another one. As I go to take a bite, Leila shoves it in my mouth! Once I'm finished, I feel funny- like my stomach is expanding! I stand up quickly, lift my shirt up and you watch as my stomach grows right before your eyes! I whine about how big my belly is now as I jiggle my fat. After much crying about my fat, I guiltily asks Leila if she has anymore donuts.