Sarah Michelle

Don't Tell My Secrets

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Clip length: 00:04:57
Posted: 01/23/2017
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Category: Tickling
Secondary categories:
Laughing , Brat Girls

I invite Leila Hazlett over to tell her I'm going to ask a boy out. To my surprise, Leila reveals that she is going to ask the same boy out! That brat! We begin to argue on who deserves to be with him when she finds my diary. She threatens to spill all my gushy secrets unless I lets her do as she pleases. I begrudgingly agree. How bad could it get, right? Leila cuffs my wrists and ankles. I tell Leila that she better not tickle me because I'm REALLY ticklish. Leila decides to take advantage of the situation and tickles me. She takes my shoes off and tickles my pantyhose feet and all over my body. (There are close ups of my feet being tickled.) Leila decides to leave me cuffed while she breaks her promise and heads out to see the boy we both like.