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Domme Kyaa Making Out With Mistress T

Price: $9.94
Clip length: 00:06:40
Posted: 02/15/2014
File size: 383.78 MB
Category: Lesbian
Secondary categories:
Kissing , Boots , Jeans , Cuckolding , Tits

To watch the legendary Mistress T and I lock lips and swap spit in this sensual yet humiliating make-out video is the closest you'll ever get to being in the same room as two beautiful women in the throws of sapphic passion. We kiss, licking and sucking on each others lips, necks and breasts. Running our tongues over each others bodies and moaning as we grind against each other, we only pause for a moment to mock you.

This will remind you of what a pathetic subbie bitch you are, cuckolded virtually by two beautiful women. We can pleasure each other far better than you ever could!

(Shot on my Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder in stunning 1080p with crisp, clear stereo audio.)

Contains: kissing, tongue kissing, french kissing, lesbians, make out, groping, heavy petting, boots, jeans, bra fetish, topless, breasts,

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