Divorce Settlements

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Clip length: 00:20:16
Posted: 08/05/2016
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Category: Fantasy

STARRING: Kate England and Eric John

John is sitting back in his living room relaxing before his meeting with his soon-to-be ex wife’s lawyer, when she shows up she gets down to business and starts asking for half of the estate. This enrages John so he plots to have a little sex play as he freezes the lawyer. Once frozen John takes her shoes off and licks her toes before letting her unfreeze again, she’s startled and claims she “must have stepped on something.”

But John freezes her again and starts undressing her, pulling her black lacy panties off and licking her wet pink pussy. He positions her into a frozen seated arrangement where she can easily give his large hard cock head. But before the fun is over he moves her into a couple other fun sexy poses where he fucks her and takes photographic evidence so his divorce case will be dismissed.

He finishes and releases his big load but ultimately decides to unfreeze her now that the fun is over. She comes to confused and wondering what happened “what the fuck?!?” she exclaims as she gets up to walk out.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Posing, Blow Job, Freeze, Body views, Foot Views.  

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