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Divine Goddess - HD

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Posted: 02/16/2019
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Goddess Jeana is more than a Domme to you. She has far exceeded the title of Domina. She is a true spiritual, all powerful GODDESS. You will be worshipping her as the ULTIMATE HOLY ONE. You will beg forgiveness for your previous life and sins; you will confess your undying love towards her, pouring your heart out, sacrificing ALL and GIVING YOUR LIFE to this immortal GODDESS.

So you now have a new GOD and life is completely different for you now. You feel completely content with your new life as a minion. You pay all of your disposal income into 'The Church' and you spend all of your free time 'spreading the word'. You sold your soul and no longer have the stress of having to think for yourself. You feel at peace working and giving ALL to your God.