Fish Fantasies

Detective Sam's Monkey Business

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Posted: 02/04/2019
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Clip Series - Fish Dream; Adventures of Detective Sam Installment #1 (Formerly #2)

Originally the second, but now the first: this is the Fish Dream Series. A series where I am something other than a fish; and may have character developments of these characters (depending on sales of course). Was I a monkey before I was a fish, or, was I a human just role playing in a single video? (Yet to be determined)… Nonetheless, Detective Sam is a 6’ tall brunette who is looking fine in her white fitted polo shirt and yoga pants. Detective Sam works for a zoo.

In Detective Sam’s first adventure, there are five naughty little monkeys jumping on the bed. Because they fall off and hurt their heads, Detective Sam must carry them off to be treated.

In the second and final adventure, Detective Sam gets a call from a neighboring zoo that there is an escaped monkey. When Detective Sam begins her patrol, she finds nothing….but then, all of a sudden, out of the corner of her eye, Detective Sam spots movement and goes to investigate. What does Detective Sam find?!? – Detective Sam finds the Monkey and brings him back to the zoo. When she asks the monkey why he escaped, he replies, “I like to be free”.

…… to end this short video, I created a playfully teasing animated monkey with mocking gestures.

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