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Danielle Maye's Breast Therapy - HD

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Posted: 03/03/2019
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Big Tits , Blackmail Fantasy , Mindfuck , Tease & Denial , Brat Girls

YOU spent all your available time wanking to big busty beautiful women. You have lost all hope of having a relationship... You decide to visit a THERAPIST to stop your downward spiral. DR DANIELLE MAYE is a well renowned SEXUAL THERAPIST specialising in the obsession with breasts. She has been explaining the process by which she will improve your CRUSHING MENTAL ILLNESS. Once relaxed Danielle will hypnotise you and put you under. Now under she will begin to help cure you... Or so you thought... Wrong, this blonde bombshell is going to make you fall for her deep. She brings you out and you begin to worship her, she has you right where she wants you, desperate and overwhelmed by her beauty... willing to do everything she says... oops you've now been blackmailed and now you will have to do all she says to keep her quiet... Better luck next time LOSER!