Torvea Films

Dakota Charms Breakfast

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:12:35
Posted: 02/15/2019
File size: 470.7 MB
Category: Giantess
Secondary categories:
Shrinking , Vore , Taboo , Food , Amazons

This was a custom with the request for the word "pee" to be used throughout but there is no actual peeing on camera.

Dakota Charms shrunk her big brothers and kept them in a jar. She puts them in her cereal and warns them not to pee in it. As she puts her hand in their cage, they wiggle and squirm, but she finally grabs one to put in her food.

She makes fun of them by using the word pee repeatedly because they always made fun of her for using it! Now that she is bigger, there is nothing they can do to stop her.

They really improve the flavor of the cereal and she asks if they are drowning. She does not really care but does like seeing their flailing bodies. Dakota chews on their crunchy little bones and makes fun of their weak bladders. The flavor is so good and she humiliates them for being so pathetic.

OTHER KEYWORDS- brat girl, food fetish, shrinking fetish, pee fetish,