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Posted: 06/07/2015
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Category: ABDL
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D1aper , Age Regression , Adult Baby , Wetting , Strap-On

If you have a Femdom babysitter fantasy, enjoy AB play, d****r lover fun, baby talk, humiliation and spanking interwoven into an erotic scenario, you need to buy and download my new babysitter mp3 audio experience now. I can be a sexy sitter, but deep down, I find my true essence is very dominant and controlling. Are you the type of adult baby who likes to disobey his babysitter to get negative attention? You will be getting a lot of negative attention in the form of verbal humiliation and punishment from Miss Kay. Miss Kay does not tolerate bad babies trying to take advantage of her while she is babysitting. While this mp3 does not feature erotic h******s, it features very compelling elements that will arouse any listeners who are turned on by the AB fetish. This file focuses on the power exchange with the AB being powerless except to act out for attention and the Femdom being in complete control. Many men enjoy this level of total power exchange where their submission embodies regression to an AB state. This is not a nurturing, sensual babysitting experience. There is a lot of twisted kink in this audio file for those who enjoy adult baby playtime. Adult Baby and D****r Lover Fun is not a subject Miss Kay is permitted to indulge during live phone sex calls. So enjoy this kinky mp3 recording to explore your fetishes or fantasies tagged for this ear porn. Click to buy and download this mp3 now! This file is 12:00 mins long with a light musical background.