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Crossing Chanel Yeoung

Price: $19.99
Clip length: 00:25:47
Posted: 02/12/2019
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Category: BDSM
Secondary categories:
Breath Play , Submissive Sluts , Whipping , Wax Play , Bondage

Chanel Yeoung waits eagerly for her Dom to arrive and is giddy as he starts teasing her with various whips and prods. It feels so good on her tits and clit and she cannot help but smile as she goes deeper into subspace.

Suction cups are applied to her large tits to enhance the feeling before removing and pulling on them. Clothespins are added to her nipples to shock her system. She must be cautious in her reactions due to the noose rope around her neck as well as  the St. Andrews Cross preventing movement.

Now that she is totally warmed up, it is time to make her even hotter and put hot wax on her tits. He holds her face and drips dark, then red candle wax on her tender skin. Chanel moans and gasps as she savors the stinging.

Grabbing her neck, he roughly slaps and fingers her pussy as she moans in pleasure.

Very carefully he starts to remove the  dried wax with an edge and Chanel is afraid to look even though she is submissive to anything her Dom wants to do. He goes back to slapping her pussy, bringing her to the brink, and then stopping. She does not get the reward of an orgasm today!

OTHER KEYWORDS- tit t*****e, tit play, Sensual domination, nipple clamps,  leather cuffs, fire play, bondage device, throat play, neck play, throat fetish, choking, chokehold, male domination, Chanel Yeoung, Chanel Young, Asian, pussy slapping, Scott Torvea, tease and denial, orgasm control, orgasm denial, 

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