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Creepy Neighbor Part 2 - Angel Lee

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Posted: 04/22/2018
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Angel Lee still has no idea that you are watching her while she heads to bed and is relaxing blissfully in the bed. Her nude body is on full display for your prying eyes and you cannot help but reach out and touch her head. That blonde hair makes her look like a little doll and you caress her face. Your hands wander to her ears, down her neck and to the real prize of her huge tits. Your hand pays special attention to her nipples which get very hard despite her s*****r.

It may have been too much because she stirs slightly, but does not awaken. Her flat belly beckons to be rubbed and your finger probes her tight belly button. Those pussy lips are so thick and meaty and when you spread them, they reveal a clit piercing. Moving down to muscular legs and cute feet, you admire the attention she pays to her perfectly painted red toenails. As she turns to her belly, you caress her long ponytail and trail down her back to her round ass. It shakes so well and give a hint of the delectable pussy between her legs. Of course you slip your fingers in between her legs since she would never let you do this in real life,.

OTHER KEYWORDS-voyeur cam, limp fetish, Angel Lee

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