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Controlling Your Finances Part 2

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Posted: 04/16/2015
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Category: Financial Domination
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Brat Girls

Surrendering full financial control to me can be a reality. I look so hot in my bikini and heels you won't be able to resist. Even my bikini and heels have money on them! I will tell you what type of financial information you will need to provide, including a detailed list of your monthly income and expenses. I will review your financial situation and decide how much of your money you need to pay for your necessities, and the rest will go to me! Hehehehehe.  Don't worry, I will only make you commit to a month to start. If it is as fun as I think it will be, we can then make it 3 months, or 6 months, or a year, or even more! And don't lie to me, because I might decide to audit you at any time!  You will beg to give me sole access to your online banking and I can change the password so only I can access it. This can be so exciting! I already have way more money than you do, but whatever extra you have still belongs to me. I can't wait to have complete control of you financially!