Humiliation by Rene

Console Me, Step D a d d y

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Posted: 02/06/2017
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Category: Cock Tease
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Taboo , Upskirt , Masturbation Instruction , Ass Worship , Female Domination

Oh, stepdaddy, I'm glad you're home! I had the WORST day! My boyfriend broke up with me! Can you believe that? And now I have to go to the dance this Friday by myself. Is it because I'm not pretty? Oh, I am pretty? Thanks, stepdaddy, that makes me feel better! Maybe its because my boobs aren't big enough? Do you think my boobs are nice? Hmmm... well, maybe he dumped me because I'm not sexy enough. What do you think? Oh, wow, step ***, you DO think I'm sexy! Look how flustered you're getting. Why don't you go ahead and stroke it... I won't tell a soul! Promise! Well, if I can get a grown man turned on like that, why even bother with my stupid boyfriend? [Includes cock tease, JOI, masturbation encouragement, taboo, stepdaughter, upskirt, femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, 18, ass worship, crying, sensual domination. Shot in HD.] X