Luna Lain

College Initiation - Zara Diesel & Luna Lain

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Posted: 03/22/2018
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Category: Lesbian Domination
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Blackmail Fantasy , Forced Stripping , Lesbian , Humiliation , Strap-On

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Everybody wants to be in Luna Lain's sorority and she explains the initiation process to Zara Diesel. It is not all pillow fights and ice cream, but involves a tawdry tape that proves her loyalty to the sisters. She is shocked as Luna commands her to take off her clothes, but she is desperate to get in and shakes silently in embarrassment.

Luna adorns a strap on and orders Zara to kneel on the sofa while taping her hands behind her back. It is time to impress with a blowjob and Zara tries really hard to take it all in. Hopefully she did a good enough job because now she is to get fucked with the hard cock.

The videographer is ready to go so that there is always proof of her actions and Luna shoves it in her pussy. Zara cries in discomfort and Luna has to remind her to face the camera for the  initiation rites.

When she is done, Zara is ordered to lick off her own juices and warned that if she does not obey the commands of the sorority, this video will be sent to her boyfriend and parents.

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