Kitzi Klown

Clown From 100 Million BC

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Clip length: 00:20:29
Posted: 08/29/2016
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Category: Pregnant
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Impregnation , POV , Fantasy

[Custom Video. Script:] You are a red haired cavewoman with clown make up searching for your own clown kind. You are sniffing for your quarry which is actually my dick. You hint that you pin me down. "Wait a minute. You a clown! Me not alone! " You say, "Me clown, you strudel." You describe to me that you are searching for the great wooly mammoth. You say ,"Me don't want elephant. No, No No!" Me want mammoth! Look like mammoth poking out of loin cloth. Come let mammoth rising up. (You start stripping your bra and underwear) You are now a pregnant clown. You are seen hanging drawings stick on the wall with tape. The stick figures drawings of dicks, stick figures of pregnant women, and breasts using crayons on paper. (the drawings are done ahead of time)<br><br>You tell me to provide you with mammoth milk. You do sexy belly gestures talk about how round and proud you feel. You say that you never felt this hot before. You feel great with bigger breasts as a result. The fondling of your pregnant belly is hypnotic to me my dick. My dick is cumming uncontrollably. <br><br>"The Ice Age has ended! And the Clown Age has begun!"

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