Kitzi Klown

Circus Exterminator

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:08:06
Posted: 05/14/2017
File size: 373.47 MB
Category: Smothering & Trampling
Secondary categories:
Executrix , Breath Play , Smother , Hands , BDSM

Why not hand complete control of your life to me? HAND being the operative word. Strong, powerful hands. Imagine what they could do to you. I know you secretly want my hand over your mouth, blocking all oxygen, pressing firmly until you're gone. Should I do it with my satin Ringleader glove? Or maybe my bare hand, so I can feel you on my skin as you give in to my control? Don't struggle. There's nowhere to run. Its time for the Circus to claim you and everything you were.

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