Cheerleader and the Intruder

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Posted: 05/01/2015
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Category: Fantasy

Starring Katarina Kay and Rock


Katarina is the head cheerleader on her squad, and she’s getting ready to go to practice. She loves to wear her uniform because it’s pink (her favorite color!) and sparkly and it makes her feel cute and sexy. She starts by stretching her arms and then moves to the floor so she can stretch her legs to warm up for practice. 

But unbeknownst to her, there is a mysterious intruder lurking in the shadows of her room, watching her as she limbers up. He licks his lips under his ski mask, watching her hungrily. He starts to creep up behind her and smacks his watch in one foul swoop, stopping time. With the sexy cheerleader frozen, the intruder starts to fondle her and caress her beneath her uniform. He sticks her hand down her tiny skirt like the naughty girl she is. Then he begins to undress her.

First the intruder removes her top and plays with her tits, making her touch herself. He retreats back to his hiding place and unfreezes time, quietly relishing her reaction. She is stunned and confused, unsure how she not only suffered a momentary lapse in memory, but also how she became partially undressed and touching herself. Panicking, she grabs for her top, but the intruder stops time again. Now he bends her over and peels down her white cotton panties, exposing her smooth, beautiful ass. 

Now the intruder is really turned on, his dick growing hard inside his pants. He can’t wait any more so he pulls it out and adjusts the cheerleader’s jaw so he can slide inside her shiny pink mouth. He fucks her face while she’s frozen, temporarily unfreezing her to watch her squirm in confusion momentarily before stopping time again. 


His cock well lubricated with the cheerleader’s drool, the intruder bends her over the bed again, but this time he slides into her soft, hairless pussy. She feels so good and tight, so he fucks her hard, posing her in different positions to mix it up since she’s unable to move on her own. 

While he’s fucking her, the intruder unfreezes time again to watch her as she panics, the feeling of violation glimmering in her fearful eyes. He keeps fucking her as she swats at him with her dainty hands. Finding this slightly annoying, he freezes time again so he can finish fucking her undisturbed. He finishes, replaces her clothing, and sits her back in a splits position. He sets time to unfreeze as soon as he leaves, and when it does, she looks around confused, but unsure if she just dreamed everything that just happened, continues with her stretching like it never happened. 


Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Timestop, Fucking, Blowjobs, Cheerleader, Stretching, Doggystyle, Lift & Carry, Doll, Statue, Posing.

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