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Posted: 09/13/2017
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Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Cum Eating Instruction

CEI Suckle

I know how hungry you have become for the taste of your own cum. I know how it excites you to be under My command following My erotically humiliating orders. It is so much better when I am at the wheel isn't it slut ! you are going to stroke for Me and fill that condom. I hope you have been taking your vitamins , because that is just the beginning . you will stroke for Me again while you suckle the condom. I will tell you how you are to show Me what a slut you are making you humiliate yourself even further. I will also give you instructions as to what to do if you are especially thirsty......

For this session, you need to have a condom and a pin or small pair of scissors.

This Clip Contains : CEI, Cum Eating Instructions, FemDom POV, Masturbation Instruction , JOI , Jerk Off Instruction