Goddess Canna

Captured conman

Price: $15.99
Clip length: 00:14:05
Posted: 04/15/2018
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Category: Executrix
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Glove Fetish , Panty Fetish , Leather , Femdom POV , Female Domination

This is a custom clip request, the name Neil is used throughout.  This is my first executrix clip containing sound effects.

You are an ageing conman who has made millions, however you've never been good at handling your money.  I've been your financial expert, looking after and investing your money, only giving you a meager living allowance.  Over time you've become infatuated with me, when you come over for your stipend I wear your favorite panties making it even easier to control you.  As you've grown to love me, you've been eager to do anything to please me. An occasional hand job makes you not even question what I've been doing with your millions.

However, you've gotten careless.  The conman has been caught, the authorities are willing to give you a lighter sentence if you pay back the 20 million.  You come over for one last farewell and to arrange the payment.  Of course I have no intention of giving the money back, nobody knows that I exist, that I handle your fortune, and soon nobody will ever know.  Why would I transfer the money to you, when I could just eliminate you?  You've become a liability, you were caught, but if I silence you right now the millions are untraceable.  Oh, you thought I loved you?  Silly old man, I only tolerated you because of your fortune! You have no way to please me while incarcerated, while penniless.  Goodbye conman, I'll still think of you - when I'm spending all your money!