Luna Lain

BTS Butt Wrestling - Amber Dawn & Luna Lain

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Posted: 07/11/2018
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Muscular Women , Female Wrestling , Female Fights , Legs , Ass

A camera was set on the floor during a photo shoot and Amber Dawn and Luna Lain are shown mostly from the ass down. The photographer take pictures as they struggle against each other in a sumo wrestling match of the ass. Amber and Luna smack talk about who is going to beat the other in this butt wrestling match. Luna has youth, but Amber has strength training and a bubble butt!Amber surprises Luna by lifting her leg on her waist, but it's within the rules because she didn't use any hands! It seems like she creates a lot of rules during the game which confuses Luna.This is a hard match because they stay in squats throughout the fight! They get sweaty and even fall over the photographer as they grapple. Changing positions, Luna is on her hands and knees as Amber rides her with the goal of making Luna touch the ground and tap out. They take turns trying to make the other submit from their weight.The winner sits on the face of the other and has her ass kissed!

OTHER KEYWORDS-  female fighting, ass fetish, bloopers, photoshoot, muscle domination, , butt fetish, all natural, behind the scenes, Luna Laine, Luna Lane