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BTS Belly Punching - Angel Lee

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Posted: 05/10/2018
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Category: Belly Punching
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BellyButton , POV , Muscular Women , Body Busting , Belly

Angel Lee is at a shoot and out of the blue asks to do a belly punching shoot. The photographer wants to check out her belly and Angel flexes her abs to show them off. He puts his fingers in the belly button to see how it will feel against his fists, but it is really just an excuse to feel her tummy.When he lands the first punch with a heavy thud , her face glows with excitement as she really enjoys the anticipation. The first one is really good but the second is a bit weak, so Scott decides to put the camera down and do it with all of his f***e. He punches repeatedly till her belly gets nice and red. Angel cannot help but laugh as that is the way she handles impact play.Even though the punshches are hard, she wants harder and he readily obliges. Her abs are bright red and he fingers it to show the contrast. Time for some hard POV punches which really make her gulp. The finale is an one inch punch which is more brutal than one would expect. It completely wipes her off her feet and she falls to the couch. Perhaps this was not her best idea!

OTHER KEYWORDS-belly fetish,  pov fighting, Angel Lee, point of view, long hair, bra and panties, humour, 6 pack, six pack, fit, fitness model, strong model,

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