Sherry Stunns

Briella Jaden's SPH

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Posted: 03/22/2018
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation
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Blackmail Fantasy , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , Female Domination

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I see you stroking your cock while watching me, but that's the tiniest, most insignificant thing I've ever seen. It's disgusting and there's no way you're a real man with something that pathetic. You should use a penis pump or get surgery to make it larger and less disgusting.

If I flash you would it make you harder? Can it even get hard? Nope, your tiny dick looks like a clit although mine is larger than yours. My pinkie nail is larger than that dicklette.

I have to take a picture of that and will use it to blackmail you! If anyone saw this, people would look at you differently. It's worth some money to keep this under wraps. You better do what I tell you, or your life is going to be ruined.

Ok loser, stop being an embarrassment to the male species. I'm going to find a real man.

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