Queen Mistress Sophia


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Posted: 06/12/2019
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Category: Hypno-Robo
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Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Fur , Goddess Worship

Powerful Visuals | Seductive Manipulation | Mind Fuck TechniquesAfter an awesome response to my "BrainFried" Series I have upped the game again this week!I have been pushing the boundaries, upgrading my subliminal persuasion techniques and experimenting with introducing mind altering vocalisations into my Mind Fuck Films.These new releases are a new artistic & technical style, focused on implanting my control deeper into your psyche with various layering techniques designed to further your connection and devotion to me.... binaural's, triggers, relaxation, colour persuasion, journeys, deep relaxation, goddess focused imagery and hidden subliminal's work together to own you completely.I am delving deeper into the exploration of alternative mind programming with unconventional and unique methods devised by myself as a result of my explorations onto mind control.MISTRESS-SOPHIA.COM