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Boxer Knockout - Luna Lain

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Posted: 03/20/2018
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You talk a good game about how you can fight better than me because you are bigger, but I want to challenge you to a match. If you manage to knock me out, I will take off a piece of clothing, but if I knock you out, you have to take me to dinner.

Let's go because my hand is already taped and I'm ready. Are you stalling because you are afraid of hitting a girl? I have taken it from guys way bigger and stronger than you.

Quick jabs surprise you as my hands land contact. I double over when you belly punch me, but it doesn't keep me down. Your right hook is good, but I'm confident and cocky that I can take you. Did you really have to cunt bust me? Of course I can deal with it, but the whack to the head leads to a knockout. Since you won that round, I remove my Converse sneakers.

Sparring gets tougher and I go down again with moans but at least I can take the socks off and have better balance. You play dirty and tit bust causing me to grab my boobs before falling down. Time to strip the tank top and reveal a sports bra. I'm going to use my long, strong legs to kick you. It doesn't help because you are faster than I expected and I try to control my labored breathing. Doubling over in pain, I check my taped hand. It's not over yet, and I will take you down.

When I block, you surprise me causing my eyes to roll and my body to fall limp. I wasn't expecting to strip down to my black lacy panties and white bra, but it makes me more determined. Your hits are stronger and my eyes flutter as I try to maintain control.

I strip my bra and intensely punch but you get me. Smiling but not willing to admit defeat, I remove the last piece of clothing. Completely nude, I swing and throw punches but your last one makes me go down. '

Does it come as a surprise that I love getting punched?

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