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Boot sucking sluts!

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Posted: 12/23/2016
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Category: Boot Domination
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Boots , Interracial , Ebony , CFNM , Female Domination

Now everybody knows that the one thing Mistresses can't stand is to have scuzzy boots! Especially when they are out and about on the prowl for new victims or playthings! So why oh why did grub and thing one not keep an eye on Mistress's gorgeous leather boots for signs of fluff and filth?

Why did Mistress have to spot the dirt on her boots all by herself? Goodness knows her slaves are slacking! So both of them get called in and thing one is the first to receive the pummeling he deserves. But both are now called upon to worship Mistress's boots in the way that they see best suits such gorgeously soft leather. Can they out-worship each other?