Princess Ellie Idol


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Posted: 08/09/2018
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Teacher , School Girl , Toes , Pantyhose/Stockings , Foot/Shoe Fetish

The other day in class, I couldn't help but notice you staring at my feet teacher. Though the other girls in class always take their shoes off and you never stare at them... Finally it hit love STOCKING feet & toes. Since then, I've stayed after class numerous times to get things to go further but you always resist. I got lucky one day when I said the words "stocking feet" as you lost control for a second. Since then I've become obsessed with breaking down your walls and taking control of you, teacher. Once I've turned you into my little stocking zombie, I'm going to tell you how things will go. After class every day, you're going to tickle my stocking feet for as long as I say. If you try to stop our little meetings, I'll blackmail you...I'll ruin your whole career! You're mine now, for my stocking toes will ensure that you never escape!

Includes: blackmail fantasy, femdom pov, foot fetish, pantyhose domination, pantyhose/stockings, school uniform