The Mistress B

Blackmailed & DE4D

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Posted: 04/25/2015
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Costumes , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , Tits

You are not only a rare breed of freak, you’re a rare breed of stupid; huh asshole?You see, I dressed like this intentionally, as I do every weekend. This tight corset, these tits popping out right in your face, these cute, bubblegum pink pigtails.. all of it is just to lure disgusting pigs like yourself to this very situation here. Men like you go about the world thinking you can take advantage of sweet, little girls. You think because a girl wears a short skirt, she’s asking for it, she needs a big, strong man in here life, in her pussy? Men like you are stupid assholes.Men like you deserve to die.But I tell you what, big guy.. before that poison you unknowingly drank from me kicks in, I’ll make you a deal. I promise, swear to god and cross my heart that I won’t expose you after you are gone if you do me a wee, itty-bitty, little favor. Just sign this document stating that you are leaving all your worldly possessions to me after your sudden expiration and your dirty perversions will be safe with me. It looks as though the life is slipping out of you rather quickly now; better act fast, chump. Gooooood. Now, after all the deceitful, manipulative things I’ve done to you tonight, what makes you think you can trust me with this pact we’ve just made? It’s almost to easy!Uh-oh; looks like someone’s starting to hyperventilate. You better take it easy if you want to prolong these last moments of your disgusting existence. Then again, what the fuck do I care? Go for it. Die quickly. I’m really doing this whole world a favor riding it of a dirty fuckwad like you...Now here it comes at last; this is the end, shithead. And just look at the smile your death is creating on my face; it’s the first genuine expression I’ve made all night. Bravo!