Blackmail Spider Web

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Posted: 03/04/2016
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Dehumanization , Mindfuck , Authority Figures , Financial Domination , Femdom POV

In my new Blackmail mp3, I outline why Blackmail is so exhilarating for me as a Femdom Mistress. I also detail what you can expect when we begin our mutual Blackmail experience. Fake blackmail? No way, as you will find out in this recording. I treat the Art of Blackmail like the Art of War. When you listen to this extreme mp3, your cock will get hard and throb when you hear how ruthless I am. Blackmail is a form of Financial Domination and it isn't for the financially weak. Don't deny the thrill of being blackmailed makes you aroused. One of my top Niteflirt Pay to Views is a Blackmail Contract. Buy it if you are serious about becoming my blackmail slave and feeling bound to me in this dark dance. I have recorded other Blackmail mp3s for your delectation. These mp3s are available here on Niteflirt. Listen to all of them if Blackmail is your fetish. Remember that if you want to begin a Blackmail arrangement with me, I must receive a $50 Amazon eGift Cert in advance. Putting your money out to prove you are real means we can start your hush money adventure. I will not engage in blackmail "play". This isn't play, this is your new reality. I have to reiterate this is absolute hardcore blackmail. You will pay me in Tributes to remain "hush hush" about all of your sexual secrets or else they will be revealed. Click to buy this Blackmail audio now! This file has an intoxicating Binaural beat background interwoven with a perfect music track to make you relax and take in my diabolical blackmail fin dom message. File time is 13:55. Enjoy the mindfuck.