BlackMail Part 1

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Clip length: 00:11:17
Posted: 03/15/2015
File size: 5.17 MB
Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Dehuminization , Forced Fem , Financial Domination

Does the idea of Blackmail fear and excite you? Then my newest mp3 will drive you wild with fear and excitement. This is an intense, hardcore, mind blowing recording, without the bliss of h******s. Deep down, I know Blackmail is what you really want. You want to lose all control. Control over your very life! You want to know that your financial destruction, the destruction of your reputation, that losing everything and losing everyone you know and love, is in my devious hands. Even though I’m not inclined to think about you as anything but my next blackmail victim, it amuses me to add a little disclaimer: Listening to this one single file may be habit forming and it may be bad for your financial health. As if I care about your habits or financial picture! I only care about your cash. I was lounging in my studio after I produced this mp3, having a glass of wine and it dawned on me that this Blackmail recording should become part of a series. So, if I have the time and desire, I might make this recording the first in a trilogy on the subject. Of course, bribery in the form of Tributes will accelerate a trilogy. As you may know, I also do Blackmail Phone Sex live and Blackmail PTVs on Niteflirt. And I do custom mp3s and custom h******s recordings. Now do as I say, don’t even think: Click, buy this recording and feel the fear and the thrill of being blackmailed, for my pleasure and profit! this file is 11:13 MINS my voice is telling you your blackmail fate.