Kitzi Klown

Birthday Clown Findom

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Posted: 12/01/2016
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Category: Financial Domination
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Blackmail Fantasy , Home Wrecker , High Heels , Femdom POV , Legs

You hired me for your little one's birthday party, and it was a BLAST. I was a smash hit! The crowd loved me! I could tell you did especially- you stared at my legs for the entire 2 hours! Its easy to see why I'm the most popular clown in town. Its time to pay up now, D***y-o. OH! Erm... no, I'm afraid $200 isn't going to cut it. $250?! Oh no no no. Strudel. Honey. Listen. You saw the car I drove here... you see these designer heels... do you REALLY think $250 is appropriate? No no no. Especially not when you consider just how hard you stared at my legs the entire party. I bet you didn't even know you had a clown fetish before you met me. These long, silky gams just did it for you, didn't they? You realized how horny you get for a greedy clown with the most perfect legs you've ever seen. Its something you've never dreamed of, but now you can't imagine living without me. I'm sure a sweet little strudel like you is willing to pay for such a privilege. Let's fill my chicken up with cash while I show you just how mesmerizing my legs can be...