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Belly Punching Lucy Purr

Price: $7.99
Clip length: 00:08:28
Posted: 02/12/2019
File size: 155.16 MB
Category: Belly Punching
Secondary categories:
Big Tits , BellyButton , POV , Brunette , Belly

Lucy Purr is early for her shoot and agreed to try belly punching while waiting for the second model. She pulls up her tank top and has her spandex leggings are pulled below her hip bones. A POV groping and belly button probing warms her up before Scott comes on camera and asks if she is ready. It is apparent that she is nervous but when the first, light punch hits, she realizes she can take more. The camera goes back to POV and it looks like you are punching her. The hits get progressively more intense and she takes it in good stride. She groans a little and bends over, but asks for more. Gleefully, she asks if she can hit Scott and he agrees. At first, she is pathetic and does a wimpy punch, but gets better as she becomes more comfortable.Scott has an evil idea of making her close her eyes, causing her to quiver in anticipation as he punches her. It looks like the model arrived, so they do a quick belly check and get ready for the rest of their shoot.

OTHER KEYWORDS-belly fetish, body busting, bare fisted punching, pov fightingLucy Purr, Scott Torvea, dark hair, 

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