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Belly Bound Jacquelyn Velvets

Price: $14.99
Clip length: 00:16:38
Posted: 10/29/2018
File size: 633.53 MB
Category: Belly
Secondary categories:
Big Tits , Damsel in Distress , BellyButton , Bondage

Jacquelyn Velvets awakens confused and bound in the hostage takers house. When she realizes the situation, she is terrified about what is going to happen. Scott comes in and starts caressing, scratching, and poking her belly. He pulls down her tight jeans and kisses her navel. Jacquelyn squirms and moans in disgust, but no matter what she does, she cannot get away from him.

OTHER KEYWORDS-Belly fetish, belly button fetish, bound bellies, Jacqueline Velvets,  long hair, AOH, Arms over head, low cut jeans, denim fetish, Scott Torvea