Hannah in Fetish Land

Beautiful Morning Gone Wrong

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Clip length: 00:07:12
Posted: 03/15/2019
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Category: Pantyhose/Stockings
Secondary categories:
Sleeping - Knockouts , Voyeur

It's bright and early in the morning. Hannah gets ready for work in the bathroom. Voyeur shots of her standing in front of the mirror getting her makeup on wearing her pantyhose and no other bottoms. She thinks she hears something so she goes to investigate. She walks down the hall into the living room and looks around, but sees nothing. She turns around and goes back towards the bathroom. And she approaches the doorway, a masked assailant walks up behind her and hits her on the head, knocking her out and sending her down to the floor. Her eyes cross and roll around as she slips into a semi sleepy state. He grabs her by the arms and begins dragging her back into the living room. He flips her onto her belly and picks up her head, cradling it between his hands and prepares to snap. Body pans as Hannah's limp body lays on the ground and her assailant leaves without a trace. Custom 2014

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