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Beating Jacquelyn Velvets Belly

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:12:52
Posted: 01/13/2018
File size: 484.83 MB
Category: Beatdown
Secondary categories:
Belly Punching , Female Fights , Body Busting , Boots , Belly

This is a continuation of “Beating Arielle Lane's Belly”.

Jacquelyn velvets is surprised to see Arielle Lane lying on the ground clutching her belly in agony. Before she can get an answer, Angel Lee and Scott Torvea jump out and double team a severe gut beating. Poor Arielle just sits helpless in the background as she is in no condition to help her friend. Over and over they pound her belly till it is bruised and battered. Jackie gasps for breath and can't defend herself against the never ending blows.

As the police sirens wail in the distance, Angel and Scott finally stop brutalizing her poor body and flee the scene.


OTHER KEYWORDS- mixed fighting, bodybusting, barefisted punches, belly fetish, tight jeans, jeans fetish, belt fetish, Jacqueline Velvets,  Ariel Lane,