Sherry Stunns

Balloon Popping Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 03/28/2018
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Featuring Sherry Stunns!

Wish me luck as I try popping these balloons because I am a little bit scared!They look huge and I don't know the best method for destroying them.

Let's try scissoring my legs around them. Oh my gosh that was faster than expected, but it makes sense because my legs are so strong.

Let's try sitting on them and bouncing if only because it is fun to have tits bouncing! Wow, my eyes get big in shock as it pops because it also makes my pussy tingle.

Maybe my boobs can make them pop but I should probably take the top off. My balloons are big, but this balloon is bigger! Let's wrap each tit on each side and see what happens. I am really scared especially since this one won't pop easily.

A scream comes out as I pop it and plop down to the bed. Maybe I can play with balloons later and really get the hang of it!

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