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Ballerina Ass and Foot Worship

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Posted: 03/15/2019
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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Foot Worship , Spitting , Pantyhose/Stockings , Ass Worship , Asshole

Cadence Lux and Sadie Holmes are twirling around like ballerinas in their pantyhose and heels. Wearing nothing else, they sit on the floor and Cadence begins worshipping the heels that she wears on her feet. Sadie is doing some stretching. They look at each other then they get on their feet squating down and spread their ass cheeks. Cadence then removes one of Sadie's heels and they both worship Sadie's foot. Cadence cant wait to take off Sadie's other heel and spits and licks on her foot. Cadence then takes off her own heel and begins sucking on her toe. Sadie joins her in the foot worship. As they take turns on one anothers foot, pantyhose become ripped away and their toes are now bare and sucked on.In another scene they have a different pair of pantyhose on but the motive doesn't change. Worshipping each others feet and getting extremely turned on. Sadie spits into Cadence's mouth and she loves it. Sadie makes sure that you get to see her ass, and her cheeks spreading open for you. They then begin to take off one pantyhose and show one of their barefeet to you, then they put the one pantyhose onto their head and rips holes right into where the mouth is. They continue worshipping their feet and showing you a clear view of their ass.