Luna Lain

Ballbusting My Slave Part 3 - Luna Lain

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Posted: 07/16/2018
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Category: Ball Busting
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Body Busting , Crush , CFNM , CBT , Female Domination

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Luna Lain has her slave sit on the ground and places a book under his balls so that she can watch them flatten them more. His legs start off splayed, but as the pain increases, he pulls them together only to resume the expected position. Luna is annoyed that he is being so sensitive about his punishment and threatens to go harder. She berates him for flinching instead of asking for mercy as he has been trained.

They stand up again and Luna orders him to turn around. He manages to stand for a few kicks before falling over. Over and over he goes down, and Luna allows him to face her if he can crawl up from the ground. If only he could be like a man and take the pain.

Her disapproval causes him to try harder and his eagerness to please allows him the privilege of kissing her Converse Sneakers as a reward.

OTHER KEYWORDS-  food and object crush, cock and ball t*****e, ball abuse, 

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