Hannah in Fetish Land

Bad Guys Finish First

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Clip length: 00:18:16
Posted: 03/15/2019
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Category: Lift and Carry
Secondary categories:
Male Domination , Sleeping - Knockouts , Damsel in Distress

Hannah is at home stretching before her exercise routine. Shortly after this starts, someone comes up from behind her and grabs her sensually. She is startled at first but then believes it is her boyfriend, and relaxes in his arms enjoying the "cuddle time". Little does she know it is a monster who has come for her. After some fondling he spins her around for what she thinks is a kiss. They lock lips. By now it's too late for Hannah -- he has begun drawing the breath out of her! She realizes what's happening, panics and tries to fight him off as she is weakening. WHen she is sufficiently groggy he picks her up and carries her off. He searches the place while he cradle carries her through. Eventually he sets her down on a couch, lifts up her top and begins fondling her breasts. She comes to so he gives her another dose of grogginess with a long drawn out breath-taking kiss. He fondles her some more as she lies there limp. He hears a noise and runs off.

In the second scene. Hannah is brushing her hair when she hears a noise. She wanders around her house investigating but doesn't find anyone. She reaches the kitchen, turns on the light when someone comes up from behind her and begins fondling her chest. She again thinks it's her boyfriend, but it surprised when a white cloth appears over her mouth, making her sleepy. She fights but to no avail. The monster lifts her up and carries her off.  He drops her off on the couch and after some fondling, he leaves. When she wakes up, Hannah finds that some rope has wrapped itself around her ankles and is pulling her towards something! She tries to resist it, but the f***e is too strong, and as she struggles it sucks her into a dark abyss. Custom 2016

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