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Babysitter Training - Angel Lee

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Clip length: 00:31:58
Posted: 07/16/2018
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Category: Hypno-Robo
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Magic , Female Training , Submissive Sluts , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Angel Lee is a bitchy babysitter who tends to ignore her charge (POV). When he says he is studying neurolingustic programming, she does not think it will work and allows him to try on her so he will leave her alone the rest of the night.

He begins swinging a pocket watch and her eyes feel heavy as she tries to keep them open. His fingers snap and her head drops. When her head raises, her eyes are spiraled and she repeats his commands subliminal commands. When she hears his fingers snap, she immediately wakes up and comments that it did not work.

Later, as she is reading a book, the fingers snap and she immediately goes into a t****e. Angel repeats every order with obedience and is completely thoughtless. Now it is time for some fun and she is ordered to bend over and show off her butt. Since she is so mean, she needs to be humiliated and she is told to walk like a dog, cluck like a chicken and act like a monkey. With all of that embarrassing action, she is still super sexy, so a sensual dance with a little groping and spanking is done while she is completely helpless to his commands.

An apology and taking all of her money finishes up her training. Angel will not remember anything that has happened and when she wakes up, she will apologize for her awful behavior and will wait on him like a servant from now on. When she is awake, she happily serves him and allows him to grope her whenever he wishes.

OTHER KEYWORDS- magic control, erotic magic, woman following orders, eye fetish, Angel Lee